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This Verification Will Address Issues Such As The Following:

BAC provides an independent verification of Service Fees and contract compliance.

BAC provides insightful, qualitative, and quantitative reports detailing audit findings.


Our audit program offers a cost effective solution to Programmers to ascertain that Television Providers comply with the contracts that your legal team spent countless hours negotiating. It is imperative that Programmers manage Affiliation Agreements to make sure that your terms are adhered to and to maximize financial performance. Changes to contracts, rates, subscriber definition, promotion, distribution options, and systems all lead to changes in reported numbers.  You need data that you can rely on to formulate your business strategies.  Our audit process will help you add clarity to these numbers and provide revenue assurance.

Due to the multitude of bundle offerings, the distribution of content on multi-platforms, and the fast moving changes in the industry, the need for Programmers to verify the accuracy of their subscriber count through compliance audits will continue to be fundamental to their business.

  • Penetration calculation

  • Free periods

  • Gratis subscribers

  • Channel line-up changes

  • Payment holidays

  • Classification of subscribers

  • Rate variances

  • Deductions

  • Volume discounts

  • Campaign subscribers and eligibility