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Broadcast Auditors of Canada Inc. (BAC) is a firm that specializes in verifying the accuracy of payments made from a Television Provider to various Specialty, Pay, and VOD Programmers and to ensure that same complies with the Affiliation Agreements between the parties.  We are the leading provider of compliance audits for the Broadcast industry in Canada as we have performed hundreds of audits since 2003.  We audit over 7 million Cable, Telecommunication, and Satellite subscribers every year in Canada.

We have the expertise to conduct other royalty based revenue verification to ascertain that payments are made in accordance to the contract that governs the commercial relationship between the parties.  We also conduct compliance audits for the Mobile Industry.

BAC welcomes the opportunity to work with your organization.  Please contact us at your convenience to find out more about “Who we are” and “What we do” and how we can offer you a value added service.  Lock in services of professionals with proven results.


The principals of BAC have over 40 years of combined experience in performing compliance audits.


BAC’s courteous and non-disruptive service, as well as the procedures we follow, and the impartial report we provide have earned the trust of the companies we audit.


BAC is well known and respected in Canada as we have an intimate knowledge of all Television Providers over 5,000 subscribers.


We treat confidential information with care and are sensitive to Affiliate relationships.


It takes a lot to keep up with the changing landscape and you can count on BAC to stay one step ahead.  We continually reinvent ourselves to become more efficient and effective in our tasks.  This investment allows us to conduct compliance audits in a timely manner and continue to provide a value added service for our clients. 


BAC provides real-time, personalized service that allows us to respond to your questions and issues in a timely manner.  Our team of courteous professionals remains available to make sure every last one of your questions or comments is addressed.

Cost Effective

BAC provides a group audit framework that is manageable for the Television Provider and economically and logistically feasible for the Programmer.